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A message from WPM founder, Tom Brusky:

On October 10th, the Wisconsin Polka Music website will be permanently retired.
I've decided to shut down the site for various reasons, with the main reason being time.  WPM was always run as a labor of love.  The income received from clients and advertisers always covered the operating fees, but the administration of the site requires an invaluable amount of time – more than I can currently afford to give.
Another reason is the evolution of internet trends.  WPM reached its pinnacle of popularity in the mid to late 2000's, and then began a steady decline when social networking started to boom.  Today, more people than ever are relying on social networking for news and information.  Websites, such as WPM, are becoming less and less economically viable.
A third reason is that WPM could never grow, since the majority of polka bands and business around the state never were, and still are not, interested in having anything to do with the internet.
Before October 10th, you are encouraged to click on the various links provided by WPM, and individually bookmark them [save them as "favorites"] in your web browser.
Thank you all for ten years of loyal patronage.


From the historic taverns of Milwaukee's South Side to the rustic dance halls dotting the northern forests, Wisconsin is home to one of the most diverse assortments of polka bands and establishments in the world.

WisconsinPolkaMusic.com serves as a central hub linking you to every Wisconsin-based polka band, musician, dance hall, festival, and radio show currently publicized on the internet.

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